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It is a mini skips rental business offering a "Drop and Collect" skip service, primarily to the construction industry but services are available for all business and personal requirements.

Franchise Information and Cost:

  • Price TBQ
  • General mini skip information: Size/capacity: 2m³; height: 1.2m; capacity: 2.5 tons.
  • Winch operation coupled to any 1 Tonner
  • The skips and trailers are custom built and has been through the same rigorous testing. The skip fits perfectly onto the Trailer
  • It has passed all the load bearing tests and build to surpass every requirement as stipulated by the C.S.I.R.
  • Trailers are (RSA) Registered (F2012/00365)
  • Skips are RSA Registered (F2012/00959)
  • Roadworthy and licensed in your name.
  • Franchises sold per specific areas and exclusively to one buyer.
  • We provide a startup kit of Marketing Materials.
  • Extra Trailers and Skips available to expand your Business.

Order an Easy Skips bin for an additional fee in any colour you like


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